Why Choose Hubbs Agency

On Farm Visits


All visits requested and scheduled will be on your farm or wherever is most convenient for you. 

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Measurement Services


GPS, Mapping, and Bin Measurement services to make sure you are accurately reporting to both RMA and FSA

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Full Time Crop Insurance


We are Crop Insurance Specialists because its the only thing we do. 

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Precision Farming


Using complete precision data has major benefits in simplifying acres, losses, and reviews for crop insurance. 

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Agency for the Long Term


We have been helping our customers with their crop insurance needs for over 20 years and plan to continue as long as crop insurance is still around.

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Customer Appreciation


We have a steak fry supper for all of our customers and their families every July

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On Farm Visits

All visits are personal 1 on 1 and will be on your farm or most convenient location

Spring Crop Meeting (Jan 1st - March 15th)

Go over Quotes and Updates on all your spring planted crops

Fall Crop Meeting (Sept 1st - Sept 30th)

Go over Quotes and Updates on any fall planted crops such as wheat and alfalfa. 

Acreage Reports (June 1st - July 15th) 

Go over crops and dates planted in each field or we will grab your precision data to upload into our system.

Production Reports (Nov 1st - Jan 15th)

Go over the harvest yields and calculate any losses.

Any additional requested visits (All Year)

Examples could include:

1. Measuring bins

2. Measuring prevent plant acres or multi-crop fields so you can report them correctly to FSA. 


Measurement Services



We can GPS acres via 4 wheeler so you know how many acres were planted or prevented from planting. We have measured out acres prior to planting to make sure you qualify for Enterprise Units.



We can print or email you colored maps of your ground from the insurance company or your planter/combine monitor. We can also print any GPS measured acres so you know what to report.

Bin Measurement


We will come to your farm and measure your bins for free to help make sure your production is as accurate as possible.

Full Time Crop Insurance Only


Trained agents that specialize in crop insurance only

Our Agents are licensed to sell only crop insurance

Newsletters updating you on changes and important reminders throughout the year

5 Agents that train together to keep on top of all industry issues

We do not sell other types of insurance

Precision Farming

Import Monitor Data (All Brands)


Data can be uploaded and processed seamlessly from any major US precision data brand.

Improve Accuracy


Precision data is typically much more accurate than traditional government satellite data. We have found in extreme cases it can vary upwards of 10%.

Significantly reduced workload if you get audited


If both planting and harvesting is done using precision technology, and variance is under 3%, a loss can be calculated and paid straight from the precision data.

Print Yield Maps


We will print color yield maps for your operation at no cost to you.  

Seperate Non-Irr Corners


Easiest and most effective way to separate out non-irrigated corners. The precision data satisfies the discernible line language in the crop insurance handbook

Agency for the Long Term

Dave Hubbs has been selling only crop insurance full time for over 20 years

His son, Chris, has been helping out in the agency at least part time for over a decade and full time since 2013. Chris plans to keep the family business going indefinitely and hopes to take over the business once/if Dave retires which at this point is a very big IF.

Our Agency prides itself on Customer Service

We hold customer service and knowledge of the industry as our highest priority. Our goal is to help our customer continue to farm as long as possible. We do this by making sure our customers receive every penny they are rightfully due under their policy. 


Customer Appreciation

Steak Supper for all customers and their family

We have two customer appreciation suppers in July. Our customers and their families are welcome to attend either one regardless of where they live.

Current Event Locations

Wagner, SD at the Legion Hall.

Yankton, SD at Riverside Park.